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Author: Glo Rose

Dad, How Do I Hope?

As adults, we experience it all the time. When we open a gift, start a new job, take a trip, or meet a new person. We hope that any of these events, and many more, will make us feel great. That they will enrich the happiness in our lives.

In 'Dad, How Do I Hope?', experience how a dad explains hope to his son in everyday activities and experiences. Hearing the dad's explanation, his son learns what hope can mean to him, even at a young age.

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Author: Glo Rose

Gary & the Negative Dino

Meet Gary.

He is a happy boy with great family and friends. However, things occasionally make his negative feelings bigger and bigger. After a while, those feelings get too big to deal with.

See how Gary works through his negative emotions and gets them under control.



Author Glo Rose brings you:
Letters, Numbers, & Feelings -
Oh My

In this activity book, your children can begin their learning journey. Along with interactive activities to engage your little one, they will learn 'Feeling Words.' It is essential that children understand their feelings early and how they can express them safely. The sooner they know, the better communication can be when they experience different situations as they grow.


Author Glo Rose brings you:
My Shining Star: Stage 1
Happy ad Anger

With younger kids, it can be hard to figure out what their feelings hard. It can also take time to explain the. This activity journal introduces Younger children to words and coping coloring activities. These activities can help them understand how they feel, how to describe what they feel, and ways to cope with their emotions.


This book will cover feelings of happiness and anger. Kids will find words to communicate their feelings and ways to work through them.